October 22, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronymsort descending Organization Name Website
    MAC Michigan Apple Committee http://www.michiganapples.com
    MAC Montana Association of Churches http://www.montana-churches.net
    MAC Missouri Association of Counties http://www.mocounties.com
    MAC Michigan Association of Chiropractors http://www.chiromi.com
    MAC Michigan Association of Counties http://www.micounties.org
    MAC Marketing Association of Credit Unions http://macnetwork.org
    MAC Manufacturing Alliance of Connecticut http://www.mact.org
    MAC-BOMA Middle Atlantic Conference of Building Owners and Managers http://www.bomamac.org
    MAC-MLA Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Medical Library Association http://macmla.org/
    MACA Mid America Croplife Association http://maca.org
    MACA Missouri Association for Community Action http://www.communityaction.org
    MACA Mid-Atlantic Collectors Association http://midatlanticcollectors.org
    MACAA Missouri Association of Community Arts Agencies http://macaa.net
    MACAC Michigan Association for College Admission Counseling http://www.macac.org
    MACAE Michigan Association of Community and Adult Education http://www.macae.org
    MACB Michigan Association of Community Bankers http://www.macb.org
    MACC Mid-America Cooperative Council http://macc.coop
    MACC Maryland Association of Community Colleges http://mdacc.org
    MACC Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions http://maccweb.org
    MACCA Michigan Association of Circuit Court Administrators http://www.micircuitcourtadmin.com
    MACD Maine Association of Conservation Districts http://maineconservationdistricts.com
    MACD Michigan Association of Conservation Districts http://macd.org
    MACD Massachusetts Association of Conservation Districts http://maacd.org
    MACD Montana Association of Conservation Districts http://macdnet.org
    MACDC Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporations http://www.macdc.org
    MACDL Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers http://macdl.net
    MACDL Michigan Association of Commercial Dental Laboratories http://www.macdl.org
    MACE Mid-America Chamber Executives http://midamericachamberexecutives.com
    MACEP Massachusetts College of Emergency Physicians http://macep.org
    MACHA Mid-Atlantic Payments Association http://www.macha.org
    MACHC Mid-Atlantic Association of Community Health Centers http://www.machc.com
    MACMA Michigan Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Association http://michfb.com/MI/MACMA/
    MACMHB Michigan Association of Community Mental Health Boards http://macmhb.org
    MACMHP Minnesota Association of Community Mental Health Programs http://www.macmhp.org
    MACNY Manufacturers Association of Central New York http://www.macny.org
    MACO Minnesota Association of County Officers http://www.mncounty.org
    MACO Maryland Association of Counties http://mdcounties.org
    MACO MA Association of Campground Owners http://campmass.com
    MACo Montana Association of Counties http://mtcounties.org
    MACOG Missouri Association of Councils of Government http://macogonline.org
    MACOP Montana Association of Chiefs of Police http://macop.com
    MACP Michigan Association of Chamber Professionals http://michamberconnect.org
    MACP Michigan Association of Cherry Producers http://www.choosecherries.com
    MACP Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police http://www.michiganpolicechiefs.org
    MACPA Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants http://www.macpa.org
    MACPA Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants http://michcpa.org
    MACRS Massachusetts Association of Contributory Retirement Systems http://www.macrs.org
    MACS Michigan Association of Christian Schools http://www.macshome.org
    MACS Convenience Store Association of Michigan http://www.mpamacs.org
    MACS Mobile Air Conditioning Society Worldwide http://macsw.org


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