October 20, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronymsort descending Organization Name Website
    MACS Minnesota Association of Charter Schools http://mncharterschools.org
    MACS Maine Association for Charter Schools http://www.mainecharterschools.org
    MACS Michigan Association of Convenience Stores http://www.mpamacs.org
    MACT Municipal Advisory Council of Texas http://www.mactexas.com
    MACTA Mid-America Cable Telecommunications Association http://www.midamericacable.tv
    MACTA The Mid-America Cable Show http://www.midamericacable.tv
    MACTO Missouri Association of County Transportation Officials  http://gomacto.com
    MACU MACU Association Group http://www.macuonline.net
    MADA Maine Automobile Dealers Association http://maineautodealers.com
    MADA Mississippi Automobile Dealers Association http://www.madaonline.com
    MADA Missouri Automobile Dealers Association http://www.mada.com
    MADA Michigan Automobile Dealers Association http://www.michiganada.org
    MADA Maryland Automobile Dealers Association http://www.mdauto.org
    MADA Minnesota Automobile Dealers Association http://www.mada.org
    MADDDC Manufacturers of Aerial Devices and Digger-Derricks Council http://aem.org/Groups/Groups/Group.asp?G=43#.T01LMYfCnIY
    MADEO Massachusetts Dance Education Organization http://www.madeodance.org
    MADHVS Massachusetts Association of Directors of Healthcare Volunteer Services http://www.madhvs.org
    MADICA Carpenters Association of New England http://www.btea.net/caene.htm
    MAE Mississippi Association of Educators http://maetoday.nea.org
    MAEA Maine Art Education Association http://www.mainearted.org/MAEA/Home.html
    MAEA Massachusetts Art Education Association http://www.massarted.com
    MAEDC Mid-America Economic Development Council http://maedc.net
    MAEMT Michigan Association of Emergency Medical Technicians http://www.maemt.org
    MAEOP Minnesota Association of Educational Office Professionals http://maeopmn.org
    MAEOP Mississippi Association of Educational Office Professionals http://naeop.org/membership/affiliates/affiliate-information.html
    MAEOP Missouri Association of Educational Office Professionals http://www.maeop.net
    MAER Michigan Association of Educational Representatives http://www.miedreps.com
    MAERA Mid-America Equipment Retailers Association http://maera.org
    MAES Society of Mexican American Engineers and Scientists http://mymaes.org
    MAES Society of Mexican American Engineers and Scientists http://mymaes.org
    MAESP Missouri Association of Elementary School Principals http://www.maesp.com
    MAF Merchants Association of Florida Inc. http://www.merchantsflorida.com
    MAFCA Model A Ford Club of America http://www.mafca.com
    MAFCA Model A Ford Club of America Inc http://www.mafca.com
    MAFDA Mid-Atlantic Food Dealers Association http://www.mafda.org
    MAFE Michigan Association of Fairs & Exhibitions http://www.michiganfairs.org
    MAFF Missouri Association of Fairs and Festivals http://www.missourifairsandfestivals.org
    MAFMIC Minnesota Association of Farm Mutual Insurance Companies http://www.mafmic.org
    MAFP Michigan Academy of Family Physicians http://www.mafp.com
    MAFP Maryland Academy of Family Physicians http://www.mdafp.org
    MAFP Massachusetts Academy of Family Physicians http://www.massafp.org
    MAFP Missouri Academy of Family Physicians http://www.mo-afp.org
    MAFP Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians http://www.mafp.org
    MAFP Mississippi Academy of Family Physicians http://www.msafp.org
    MAFP Maine Academy of Family Physicians http://www.maineafp.org
    MAFP Montana Academy of Family Physicians http://www.montanaafp.org
    MAFSI Manufacturers' Agents Association for the Foodservice Industry http://mafsi.org
    MAFTO Mid-Atlantic Food Trades Organization http://mafto.org
    MAG Masonry Association of Georgia http://www.masonryassocga.com
    MAG Medical Association of Georgia http://www.mag.org


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