October 20, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronymsort descending Organization Name Website
    SASS Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study http://scandinavianstudy.org
    SAT Sheriffs' Association of Texas http://www.txsheriffs.org
    SATW Society of American Travel Writers http://satw.org
    SAVE SAVE International http://value-eng.org
    SAVE Society for the Advancement of Education http://educationsaveschildren.org
    SAVS Southern Association for Vascular Surgery http://www.savs.org
    SAVTA Safe and Vault Technicians Association http://savta.org
    SAW Staffing Association of Washington http://saw.wildapricot.org
    SAW Society for the Anthropology of Work http://aaanet.org/sections/saw
    SAWD Southern Association of Wholesale Distributors http://www.the-southern.org
    SAWE Society of Allied Weight Engineers http://sawe.org
    SAY Soccer Association for Youth http://www.saysoccer.org
    SAY Soccer Association for Youth USA http://saysoccer.org
    SB American Society of Wedding Professionals http://sellthebride.com
    SBA State Bar of Arizona http://www.azbar.org
    SBAM Small Business Association of Michigan http://www.sbam.org
    SBAND State Bar Association of North Dakota http://www.sband.org
    SBANE Smaller Business Association of New England http://sbane.org
    SBC State Bar of California http://calbar.ca.gov
    SBCA Structural Building Components Association http://sbcindustry.com
    SBCA Small Business Council of America http://sbca.net
    SBCA Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association http://sbca.com
    SBCS Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies http://society-buddhist-christian-studies.org
    SBCTC State Building and Construction Trades Council of California http://www.sbctc.org
    SBE Society for Business Ethics http://societyforbusinessethics.org
    SBE Society of Broadcast Engineers http://sbe.org
    SBEA Small Business Exporters Association of the United States http://sbea.org
    SBEA The Small Business Exporters Association of the United States http://sbea.org
    SBG State Bar of Georgia http://www.gabar.org
    SBHA Spanish Barb Breeders Association http://www.spanishbarb.com
    SBHA Spanish Barb Horse Association http://spanishbarb.com
    SBIA National Association of Small Business Investment Companies http://sbia.org
    SBIA National Association of Small Business Investment Companies http://sbia.org
    SBIC Sustainable Buildings Industry Council http://nibs.org/?page=sbic
    SBL Society of Biblical Literature http://sbl-site.org
    SBLC SB Latex Council http://regnet.com/sblc
    SBLC Small Business Legislative Council http://sblc.org
    SBM State Bar of Michigan http://www.michbar.org
    SBM State Bar of Montana http://www.montanabar.org
    SBM Society of Behavioral Medicine http://sbm.org
    SBMA Southern Building Material Association http://southernbuilder.org
    SBN State Bar of Nevada http://nvbar.org
    SBNM State Bar of New Mexico http://www.nmbar.org
    SBP The Society of Wedding Professionals http://societyofweddingprofessionals.org
    SBREB The Sugarbeet Research and Education Board of Minnesota and North Dakota http://www.sbreb.org
    SBS Society for Biomolecular Sciences http://www.sbsonline.org
    SBSBA Scottish Blackface Breeders Association http://ramshornstudio.com/scottish_blackface.htm
    SBSD State Bar of South Dakota http://www.sdbar.org
    SC Sculptors Guild http://sculptorsguild.org
    SC Society for Cryobiology http://societyforcryobiology.org


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