October 19, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronymsort descending Organization Name Website
    WVBA West Virginia Bankers Association http://www.wvbankers.org
    WVBHPA West Virginia Behavioral Healthcare Providers Association http://wvbehavioralhealth.org
    WVBWA West Virginia Beer Wholesalers Association http://www.wvbeer.org
    WVC Western Veterinary Conference http://www.wvc.org
    WVCA West Virginia Cattlemen's Association http://www.wvbeef.org/wvca
    WVCA West Virginia Coal Association http://www.wvcoal.com
    WVCC West Virginia Chamber of Commerce http://www.wvchamber.com
    WVCFA West Virginia Cemetery and Funeral Association http://www.wvcfa.net
    WVCTA West Virginia Cable Telecommunications Association http://wvcta.com
    WVCUL West Virginia Credit Union League http://www.wvcul.org
    WVDA West Virginia Dental Association http://www.wvdental.org
    WVDA West Virginia Dietetic Association http://www.wvda.org
    WVEA West Virginia Education Association http://www.wvea.org
    WVFA West Virginia Forestry Association http://www.wvfa.org
    WVFB West Virginia Farm Bureau http://wvfarm.org
    WVFDA West Virginia Funeral Directors Association http://www.wvfda.org
    WVHA West Virginia Hospital Association http://www.wvha.org
    WVHCA West Virginia Health Care Association http://www.wvhca.org
    WVHTA West Virginia Hospitality and Travel Association http://www.wvhta.com
    WVICU West Virginia Independent Colleges and Universities http://www.wvicu.org
    WVLA West Virginia Library Association http://wvla.org
    WVMA Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association http://wvma.org
    WVMA West Virginia Manufacturers Association http://www.wvma.com
    WVMHA West Virginia Manufactured Housing Association http://www.wvhi.org
    WVML West Virginia Municipal League http://wvml.org
    WVMTA West Virginia Motor Truck Association http://www.wvtrucking.com
    WVNA West Virginia Nurses Association http://wvnurses.org
    WVOA West Virginia Optometric Association http://www.wvoa.com
    WVOMA West Virginia Osteopathic Medical Association http://www.wvoma.org
    WVONGA West Virginia Oil and Natural Gas Association http://www.wvonga.com
    WVPA American Planning Association - West Virginia Chapter http://www.wvplanning.com/index.php
    WVPA West Virginia Press Association http://wvpress.org
    WVPA West Virginia Pharmacists Association http://www.wvpharmacy.org
    WVPAA West Virginia Public Accountants Association http://wvpaa.org
    WVPCA West Virginia Primary Care Association http://www.wvpca.org
    WVPS West Virginia Psychiatric Society http://wvpsych.org
    WVRA West Virginia Retailers Association http://www.wvretailers.com
    WVRVA West Virginia Recreational Vehicle Association http://www.rvamerica.com/SchoolHouse/NationalandLocalRVAs
    WVRWA West Virginia Rural Water Association http://www.wvrwa.org
    WVSAE West Virginia Society of Association Executives http://wvsae.org
    WVSB West Virginia State Bar http://www.wvbar.org
    WVSBA West Virginia School Boards Association http://wvsba.org
    WVSCPA West Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants http://wvscpa.org
    WVSDA West Virginia Beverage Association http://www.ameribev.org/about-aba/other-associations/stat
    WVSMA West Virginia State Medical Association http://www.wvsma.com
    WVSOM West Virginia Society of Osteopathic Medicine http://www.wvoma.org
    WVSPE West Virginia Society of Professional Engineers http://wvspe.org
    WVTA West Virginia Trucking Association http://www.wvtrucking.com
    WVTA West Virginia Troopers Association http://www.wvtroopers.org
    WVTBA West Virginia Thoroughbred Breeders Association http://wvtba.net


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