October 22, 2017

Acronym Index - Search Results

    Acronym Organization Name Website
    PPA Publishers' Publicity Association http://www.publisherspublicity.org
    RTNDA Radio Television News Directors Association http://www.rtnda.org
    SEDA Safety Equipment Distributors Association http://www.safetycentral.org
    SNE Society for Nutrition Education http://www.sne.org
    SAA Society of American Archivists http://www.archivists.org
    SNA Suburban Newspapers of America http://www.suburban-news.org
    TYAA Textured Yarn Association of America http://www.tyaa.org
    TAB Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement http://www.tabonline.com
    UAW International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America http://www.uaw.org
    WWPIA World Wide Pet Industry Association http://www.wwpia.org
    WTS Women's Transportation Seminar http://www.wtsinternational.org
    ABC Audit Bureau of Circulations http://www.accessabc.com
    AIMC Foundation for International Meetings http://www.aimcnetwork.com
    NACE National Association of Catering Executives http://www.nace.net
    NABWE National Association of Black Women Entrepreneurs http://www.nabwe.org
    ISPA International Society of Parametric Analysts http://www.ispa-cost.org
    AJCA American Jersey Cattle Association http://www.usjersey.com
    OBAP Organization of Black Airline Pilots http://www.obap.org
    SEHSC Silicones Environmental, Health and Safety Council of North America http://www.sehsc.com
    ACL The American Consultants League http://www.americanconsultantsleague.com
    CLA Community Leadership Association http://www.claweb.org
    SMCS Systems, Man and Cybernetics Society http://www.ieeesmc.org
    AAFO American Association for Functional Orthodontics http://www.aafo.org
    ABLE Association for Biology Laboratory Education http://www.ableweb.org
    PGRSA Plant Growth Regulators Society of America http://www.pgrsa.org
    NUSACC National United States Arab Chamber of Commerce http://www.nusacc.org
    AAOBPPH American Association of Owners and Breeders of Peruvian Paso Horses http://www.napha.net
    SIETAR-USA Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research - USA http://www.sietarusa.org
    API Alliance for the Polyurethane Industry http://www.polyurethane.org
    NIC/SAG National Industrial Council - State Associations Group http://www.nam.org/s_nam/doc1.asp?CID=200502&DID=225575
    AHA Association of Hispanic Arts http://www.latinoarts.org
    FBF Film and Bag Federation http://www.plasticbag.com
    NARRP National Association of Recreation Resource Planners http://www.narrp.org
    IPA Institute for Polyacrylate Absorbents http://ipa.socma.com
    Delta Society http://www.deltasociety.org
    ASD Association for the Study of Dreams http://www.asdreams.org
    FITA Federation of International Trade Associations http://www.fita.org
    NATD North-American Association of Telecommunications Dealers http://www.natd.com
    ITC Instructional Telecommunications Council http://www.itcnetwork.org
    CARLJS Council of Archives and Research Libraries in Jewish Studies http://www.jewishculture.org
    PRNDI Public Radio News Directors http://www.prndi.org
    IAFP International Association of Flight Paramedics http://www.flightparamedic.org
    GICC Glazing Industry Code Committee http://www.glazingcodes.org
    NH-PAI Nurse Healers - Professional Associates International http://www.therapeutic-touch.org
    AAAASF Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, Inc. http://www.aaaasf.org
    ACT-IAC American Council for Technology-Industry Advisory Council http://www.actgov.org
    UDC United Developers Council http://www.developmentedu.com
    AFA American Fiberboard Association http://www.fiberboard.org
    ACCED-I Association of Collegiate Conference and Events Directors International http://www.acced-i.org
    ERI Espionage Research Institute http://www.espionageresearch.com


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