April 29, 2017

Industry Reports

    Certification & Credentialing 411

    A special focus sponsored by GKG Law. Articles include "The purpose of your code of ethics," "Antitrust liability when interacting with state licensing boards and commissions" and "Intellectual property protection for certification programs." Plus resources for more information.

    TRENDS 2016 Financial and Operational Excellence (FOX) Report, sponsored by West, Lane & Schlager

    Gauges what's on the mind of association CEOs and CFOs in terms of internal operations and finances, including questions regarding staff employment, salaries and real estate. Research conducted by ORI for Association TRENDS.

    TRENDS 2016 Special Report: Finance, Operations & HR Law (sponsored by Whiteford, Taylor & Preston

    Privacy and cybersecurity, employee probationary periods, contract review, and Form 990

    TRENDS 2016 Legal Review (sponsored by Venable LLP)

    Looks at developments in nonprofit law in the past year, including a list of top legal issues

    2015 Kellen Social Media Impact Study Highlights

    This four-page insert to TRENDS features highlights from the 2015 Kellen Social Media Impact Study, including how associations are becoming smarter and braver with their social media; vanity beyond vanity metrics in digital ROI; member engagement; and issues management and crises communications.

    TRENDS 2014 Fly in Legislative Day Yearly Guide

    What are the best hotels in DC to host your fly-in/legislative day?

    TRENDS 2014 Fall Association PULSE Report

    A supplement to the TRENDS Spring 2015 Association PULSE Report, the TRENDS Confidence Index is updated, as well as topical questions on politics and their relevance to associations.

    TRENDS 2014 Email Marketing Guide (sponsored by Informz)

    A sampling of the Informz Association Email Marketing Benchmarking Report. Covers a case study of association email strategy, as well as selected data regarding association email usage.

    TRENDS 2014 Employment Law Guide (sponsored by Whiteford Taylor Preston)

    Different aspects of current employment law and how they apply to associations.

    TRENDS 2014 Membership Outlook (sponsored by Marketing General Inc.)

    A sampling of the Marketing General Membership Benchmarking Report. Selected information on how membership marketing efforts performed in the past year.

    TRENDS 2014 Legal Review (sponsored by Venable LLP)

    Looks at developments in nonprofit law in the past year, including a list of top legal issues.

    TRENDS 2014 THINK! (for C-suite executives)

    Written by CEOs for CEOs and others in the C-suite. Topics cover membership, retirement, policies and the future of publications.

    TRENDS 2014 Association Website Traffic & Analytics Report

    Covers use of web analytics programs, website maintenance, and website traffic as reported by an analytics program. Also, trends and benchmarks for association professionals.

    TRENDS 2014 Salary Survey-DC area

    Covers association and nonprofit salaries and benefits in the DC area. Complement to The Compensation Report, which covers the national nonprofit community.

    TRENDS 2014 Social Media Report

    Covers adoption and activity levels, rankings of successful association efforts, and best practices.

    Lobbyists.info 2014 Factors of Influence Report

    Determines the most influential lobbying firms, with breakdowns by lobbying income, number of lobbyists, number of clients, congressional alumni on staff, and more.

    TRENDS 2014 Spring Association PULSE Report

    Gauges attitudes, trends and prospects of association chief staff executives, including the TRENDS Confidence Index. Topics cover revenue, operations, membership, the economy and more.

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