October 22, 2017
    United Flight 3411: An experience no one will forget for awhile

    Plus, which associations did ASAE honor this week, and participating in The Compensation Report is just a click away. Thinking Aloud, by Ed Dalere

    By Ed Dalere | 04/13/2017

    We all are horrified still by the image branded into our psyche of a passenger being dragged off of a United airlines flight after refusing to give up his seat, which happened earlier this week.

    A great many believe the passenger, Dr. David Dao, was justified to stand his ground. In a Facebook thread I started on this, one of the comments said, parapharasing, United made their problem his problem. That has resonated with me for days. It’s true: United needed four seats, and no one bit at the incentives they offered. So they randomly picked four people, of which one of them was Dao. (Initial reports said the flight was overbooked, but now United says it was not. Seats were needed to move other crew members.)

    Regardless of whether we think it’s fair, once you are on that plane you have to follow the instructions of the flight crew, period, including, if need be, being forced to give up your seat. Dao did not cooperate, which led to the extreme incident of him being dragged off, and his face bloodied in the process.

    But all of that could have been avoided. United could have kept raising the incentives. Sure, Dao also could have controlled his frustration better, but there is little to justify what happened to him; United CEO Oscar Munoz said - in a more contrite follow-up apology to his original statement - police would no longer be called in to remove a ticketed passenger. 

    Regardless of who you believe was correct in this situation, we can all agree the image of Dao being dragged off was horrific to watch. Let’s hope that none of the association executives who travel for work via plane will ever experience what he did, or put themselves in that position. Munoz said United can do better in the future, let’s hope they do. My suggestion is to not sell four seats on any flight moving forward. That way four seats will always be available.

    For a good read on how to respond in a crisis management situation, check Adele Gambardella Cehrs’ following-day column at Inc. magazine. 

    On a lighter and seperate note, TRENDS asked executives what are the deal breakers when they are on business travel. Click here for the answers. 


    Congratulations to the winners of the ASAE Gold Circle Awards, which recognize communications and member programs:

    Convention/Meetings Campaign - Society for Simulation in Healthcare for IMSH 2017 Conference Marketing Campaign

    E-Magazine - American Osteopathic Association for The DO

    E-Newsletter - American Academy of PAs for PA Central Member and Nonmember E-Newsletters

    Media/Public Relations/Advocacy Campaign - American Society of Anesthesiologists - Protecting Safe VA Care; Computing Technology Industry Association for Make Tech Her Story

    Member Retention Program - Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation for New Angler Pilot Program; Enrollment Management Association - It’s all about retention

    Membership Recruitment - American Academy of PAs for AAPA Recruitment Campaign: Savings and Advocacy

    New Product/Service Launch Campaign - American College of Cardiology for ACC International Regional Conferences

    Print Magazine - American Massage Therapy Association; Massage Therapy Journal

    Rebranding - Emergency Nurses Association - Rebranding Membership: Charting a New Path; American Osteopathic Association - Doctors That DO

    Video - American Physical Therapy Association - #ChoosePT Public Service Announcement

    Website - National Athletic Trainers' Association - NATA Website Redesign

    Details: click here.


    There is still time to participate in the National Compensation Report and the D.C.-area Compensation Report, both published by Association TRENDS. Click on the links for details. The more who participate, the better the final information, which reports on compensation information on 117 jobs found in the association community.

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