October 23, 2017
    This association ain’t bugged by Clickhole

    Parody site has fun with Entomological Society of America, and they roll with it


    The headline shouted it all over the innerwebs: the elected president of the Entomological Society of America had to resign…for keeping the best bug in Tupperware under her bed! Whaaat?!

    Of course, the whole thing was made up…oh, Clickhole!

    For the ESA, it was all in good fun, shared first with ESA by member Alex Wild, who follows the parody site.

    “Entomologists have a great sense of humor, so they all seemed to be getting a kick out of it, and ESA staffers certainly did too,” ESA communications manager Joe Rominiecki said.

    ESA and ESA executive director C. David Gammel, CAE, all had fun with it on Twitter and Facebook.

    “Anyone in associations has to have some self-awareness about the niche-y nature of whatever profession or interest they represent and how they’re perceived to the outside world. From that perspective, it’s fertile ground for humor, so we’re happy to lean in to it. We shared it on or own Twitter and Facebook channels, and replied with one joke of our own," Rominicecki said.

    "The truth is, stashing away bugs is a foundational part of insect science; entomological collections kept at museums, universities, and other research institutions serve as a crucial source of specimens and data for modern research and a historical reference for all of entomological science. (We have a formal policy position statement on entomological collections, in fact.) Clickhole might not have known that, but their story of an entomologist treasuring the coolest bug she ever found probably isn’t all that much of an exaggeration. And May Berenbaum [who was featured in the parody article] is in real life a past president of ours, well accustomed to the spotlight. She responded with some of her own wit, too.

    As for Berenbaum on her 15 minutes of faux-infamy: “It's awesome! I can now understand the appeal of fake news - I’ve gained two dozen new followers since Alex Wild called me out for my disgraceful behavior! And my entomological colleagues have responded hilariously - very proud of them! For whatever it's worth, to those entomologists on Twitter demanding that I reveal the identity of the "coolest/raddest bug" that I've been hogging, it's a humbug, of course…”

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