October 22, 2017
    Do virtual events hinder your face-to-face events?

    New study shows they actual help attendance at in-person programs


    A new study shows virtual events do not cannabalize face-to-face events, but may do the opposite.

    The study, by Digitell, an event-media developer, found that 83 percent of virtual-event participants say they had no prior intent to attend the face-to-face event that the virtual event was recreated from, and 43 percent of virtual event participants report they had never attended the face-to-face event previously.

    But 77 percent say attending a virtual event motivated them to attend the face-to-face event, and 68 percent report they have attended, or will attend the face-to-face event after having attended the virtual one. Twenty-five percent say the definitely would not have considered attending the in-person event before attending the virtual one; 40 percent said they probably would not have attended the in-person event.

    The report found that the top-5 reasons for not attending the face-to-face event are expenses (72 percent); schedule conflicts (60 percent); prior commitments (39 percent); travel concerns (34 percent); and impacts on home-life (33 percent).

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