October 23, 2017
    We asked SAE chief execs what their No. 1 goal is in 2016...

    The member experience is at the top of everyone's list


    Jim Anderson, CAE, CEO, CalSAE:
    CalSAE is cultivating a targeted approach to membership. Specifically, we are examining our membership in greater detail and will develop holistic long-term plans that ensure a robust set of services and programs are available for each of those member segments. 

    In addition, we are expanding our membership options to include group membership, while maintaining the option for individual members. Feedback on the new model has been quite positive, so we’ll be developing and testing the new model in 2016 with full implementation set for 2017. The long-term plans for programs and services will also incorporate expected growth in various member segments.

    Beth Brooks, CAE, CEO, Texas Society of Association Executives: TSAE has three large initiatives for 2016 and completing those projects is my No. 1 goal. Our initiatives include leadership development; nondues income (including our new association consulting arm), and a rebrand of TSAE (messaging, logo, positioning).

    Wendy W. Kavanagh, CAE, president, Georgia Society of Association Executives: GSAE is committed to being a laboratory for new ways of offering relevant information and professional development. From shining the spotlight on association success stories through the GSAEtv channel and “connections” magazine to creating unique, experiential learning opportunities, we model experimental methods to help our members become better at their jobs and demonstrate innovative ways to develop their own educational offerings. While we have increased our capacity to help members “learn where they are,” we must continue to help members identify their knowledge gaps and pursue ways to close those gaps. We will examine GSAE’s role promoting the profession, raising awareness of likely paths to advancement, and helping our members maximize their professional potential. By growing GSAE’s membership and engaging a larger swath of our core membership, we can strengthen the association and supplier community in Georgia.

    Patricia Koziol, executive director, Mid-Atlantic Society of Association Executives: The Mid-Atlantic Society of Association Executives has launched an aggressive membership campaign for 2016 to engage more association professionals within already existing member organizations. We see the opportunity to not only increase MASAE’s ranks, but to also grow the association industry overall by affirming the value of association management as a career.

    Michelle Mason, FASAE, CAE, CEO, Association Forum: 2016 is a year that represents a major milestone for Association Forum, our 100-year anniversary. We are very proud of our past accomplishments and our rich history and will celebrate throughout the year. Likewise, we are fully aware that in order to continue to thrive well into the future, this is the year to make some significant changes.

    At the highest level, our No. 1 goal for 2016 is to effectively deliver offerings and create experiences that are of an exceptionally high value to our constituents. To achieve this goal, we have identified three strategic priorities, all aimed at elevating the value we provide. We are have already started the process of carefully examining and significantly overhauling our infrastructure - from our office space, to our technology and tools, to our staffing requirements. We know that in order to best serve our external community, we have to be in great shape internally. We are also working toward making some significant modifications to our content curation and delivery model to better align with the needs of our members and partners. Again, this goes back to creating exceptionally high value and abandons the notion of maintaining the status quo. And last but certainly not least, we are putting a laser-like focus on revenue generation because ultimately, this will be proof of our ability to deliver value.

    Cheryl Ronk, CAE, CEO, Michigan Society of Association Executives: Michigan SAE’s strategic priorities for 2016 are execute a brand strategy to increase the awareness of MSAE’s work and position in the industry; develop standards for organizational success and help members achieve standards; share the new Association Knowledge Management software system we have created; and expand the communities of practices.

    The new software system will help associations be the curators of information. MSAE is in partnership with a company to build an affordable option that will facilitate associations being the libraries of information that is accurate for the profession or industry. With more employees switching fields, MSAE believes that the association sector will be the source of accurate knowledge combined with self-assessments to be the resource for employees.

    Brandon Robinson, CAE, executive director, Virginia Society of Association Executives: I would say VSAE’s No. 1 goal in 2016 is the successful development and implementation of a new strategic plan. The question the leadership will be focusing on is how VSAE builds on the successes and traditions of its history to be the “gold standard” for association professionals in Virginia today, tomorrow and for many years to come.

    Frank Rudd, CAE, CMP, CEO. Florida Society of Association Executives: 2015 was a great year for the Florida Society of Association Executives by all of our metrics. Our goal in 2016 is to strive and do a little better in all areas and continue to make our members’ interaction with us a positive experience, and that we help our members do their job better.

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